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New Consumer Products Unveiled for 2011

New for 2011 are brand new, innovative products from leading hard landscaping specialist Marshalls.

Developed through extensive customer research and in-field testing, Marshalls’ new products are designed to create the most beautiful and enduring domestic landscaping projects.

Marshalls’ Indian Black Limestone is the latest addition to the ethically sourced Fairstone range. A beautiful naturally split stone cut from the finest Indian limestone, Fairstone Indian Black Limestone is carefully sorted by hand for the best colour match.

Drivesett Natrale is the latest concrete block paving offer from Marshalls. Its beautiful authentic riven surface texture is taken from scans of carefully selected premium sandstone paving, which makes it the ideal cost effective material for natural stone patios. In colours to complement the most popular Fairstone natural stone colours, Drivesett Natrale can be used to stunning effect on driveway and pathway areas.

Marshalls’ domestic walling range continues to expand with timeworn Coach House Walling. Designed to complement the Coach House paving range, Coach House Walling is perfect for the heritage look reminiscent of history and conservation.

Heritage Walling also gets a brand new colour update with Weathered Yorkstone.

For DIYers everywhere, Marshalls’ new Textured Paving is the perfect starter paving product for a low cost patio or utility area. With budget cuts and financial uncertainty still looming, this is a great product for first time projects.

Look out also for Weatherpoint 365, Marshalls’ revolutionary new brush-in patio jointing material which can be used in any weather. Perfect for DIYers or professional installers, Weatherpoint not only saves time on awkward pointing jobs, it is nonstaining and long lasting. And best of all, Weatherpoint is equally effective in the dry or in the wet.

Marshalls is proud to introduce a sustainable driveway system which becomes carbon neutral, then continues to have a positive impact on the environment. The Bioverse system minimises a driveway’s carbon footprint, maximises carbon absorption and

becomes carbon neutral during its lifetime.

Also new for 2011 are Woodstone Planter Kits – perfect for grow-your-own projects.

The practical alternative to wood, these planter kits will not rot and require no maintenance. They’re ideal container gardens for even the smallest spaces. Look out for more information on Marshalls’ new products, available from January

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