Principle 10

The UNGC 10th principle commits signatories not only to actively avoid bribery, extortion and other forms of corruption but to develop policies and concrete programmes to address corruption and related risks. At Marshalls, we do not tolerate the offering, giving, requesting, receiving, or acceptance of bribes in any form. Our Code of Conduct has been communicated to all our employees and suppliers clearly defines our definition of bribes and the different ways bribes can be evident in business.

Marshalls understands that bribery is not a victimless crime and that it discourages developmentally effective trade and siphons off funds away from projects designed to help the most disadvantaged. It tarnishes reputations, drains corporate motivation and distorts competition. We have an unequivocal Anti Bribery Code which makes clear that Marshalls is committed to conducting business with the utmost integrity and in accordance with the principles set out in the UK Bribery Act 2010.