Bollard crash test

How can we protect the UK’s precincts?

Mike Plaster
Wednesday 15th June, 2016

Traditionally, street protection against accidental damage and vehicle-borne terrorism has been the domain of concrete, barbed wire systems and unsightly, imposing bollards. However, as public realm design and implementation becomes more imaginative and elegant (while still placing emphasis on practicality), protective street furniture is now as much about creating inspiring landscapes as it is in providing a duty of care to the public.

It’s not just about the bollards

Marshalls’ range of protective street furniture is made from various materials that increase structural support and help to guard against disruption and attacks. As well as bollards, the PAS68 crash tested products include seating, lighting, planting and wayfinding that discreetly fits into any public space while adding the required level of security.

Take a look at the image below, which shows all our security solutions outside a train station:

GEO Fingerpost

A customisable signage solution, the GEO Fingerpost has a column made up of stainless steel, and a number of fingers can be added according to specific requirements. Hidden beneath the elegant stainless steel finish is a PAS68 RhinoGuard 75/40 protective core making the unit full crash tested. The signs are coated for a resilient finish and concealed fixtures help to deter vandalism.

GEO Lightstack

A slender, cylindrical luminaire, the GEO Lightstack is available in a range of heights to add a stunning aesthetic to any open space. It provides functional lighting for safety in busy public areas, and is ideal for lighting facades and tree canopies. We chose the GEO Lightstack when challenged to provide a lighting solution and sense of identity for Wembley Stadium, the result being a unique entranceway with a striking visual impact. The GEO lightstack can also house a crash tested protective core as a more aesthetic alternative to bollards.

Giove Planter

A great addition to any public space, this PAS68 rated planter offers the requisite level of protection required for shop fronts and train stations, while still looking aesthetically-pleasing. The planter is designed to accommodate the root ball of a tree and is fitted with RhinoGuard technology. When we tested the product with a 7.5 tonne lorry driving at 50mph, it completely immobilised the vehicle – eliminating the possibility of a second attack.

RhinoGuard Blok

This protective seat beautifully conceals its inner strength. Made from concrete, it’s available in three colour options for seamless integration in any project, but there’s also the option for a timber cladded top. The RhinoGuard Blok has been tested according to the requirements of IWA14-1:2013. Protective Post and Rail A decorative and subtle way to restrict public access, this protective post and rail system won’t interfere with otherwise cleverly designed landscapes and in no way compromises the overall identity of a space.

Protective street furniture shouldn’t stand out, alarm passers-by or cause any kind of public concern. In fact, given that the protective core can be hidden within the design-lead outer body of a product, creativity needn’t be hindered when it comes to protecting the UK’s precincts and discreet integration of physical protection. There’s plenty of scope for our streets and public spaces to remain fully functional and protect people and businesses, all the while remaining places of beauty that the public wants to spend its time in.

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