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Birmingham City Council


Patel Taylor, Allain Provost

Eastside City Park is a long, thin stretch of open space a stone’s throw from Birmingham city centre, within are hard lines, tough materials and orthogonal forms to define its look and feel. Through hard and soft landscaping, towering structures and clear cut vistas, the space is a fine example of modern design.

Marshalls were approached to supply a palette of carefully sourced granites and a Yorkstone to form the hard landscaping. The silver grey Callisto granite was used throughout the scheme due its durability and consistent crystal matrix, allowing an expansive appearance. Tritanial black granite was selected for contrasting inlays to mark cycle pathways throughout the park.

Patel Taylor’s scheme is inherently sustainable; it has transformed a city- centre brownfield site, with previous light industrial and commercial uses to a public park. The park has been designed to last, using high quality, hard warring materials. This provides a benchmark for quality within Eastside, and minimises the potential future carbon and financial costs of repair and replacement.

“Milk rounding”

To ensure install was as efficient as possible, Marshalls packaged the granite flags in mixed sizes, corresponding with the laying pattern on the drawing. This effectively created packaged zones in which the installer had the correct materials available to hand immediately.

Eastside City Park
Eastside City Park
Eastside City Park
Eastside City Park
Eastside City Park
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