Sale Town Hall, Sale, M33 7BS


Trafford Metropolitan District Council


The regeneration of Sale Town Hall forms part of a £20 million PFI funded community enterprise for Trafford Metropolitan District Council. The new centre is a multifunctional design, accommodating council offi ces, a library, arts centre, theatre, youth centre and Traffic Direct, an established route to council services for use by the general public.

The existing Sale Town Hall site needed complete refurbishment along with an extension to include a canal-side civic plaza with access to retail facilities.

The key challenge for Marshalls was to create a high quality, stylish environment surrounding the town hall building, including an amphitheatre area within the civic plaza.


A wide range of Marshalls’ paving and street furniture products were provided for the external landscape including 13,324 m2 of Perfecta paving, 860 m2 of Mistral paving, 47 m2 of Conservation setts, along with a wide range of street furniture.

The Mistral paving blended seamlessly with the Silver Grey Conservation setts to provide an attractive surface for the amphitheatre area within the civic plaza.

Perfecta, with its non-slip properties, provided a smooth surface for the remaining pedestrian walkways and was also used to create special step detailing for the front of each step within the amphitheatre area.

Marshalls’ innovative range of street furniture provided a modern and stylish feel within the civic plaza and included the Rendezvous seat and bench from the Sineu Graff range along with tree grilles and guards.


The aesthetic appeal of Marshalls’ paving products has contributed to the dramatic transformation of one of Manchester’s key urban regeneration areas, and the multi-million pound enterprise scheme has provided Traff ord with outstanding new community and arts facilities.

Sale Town Centre now benefi ts from a stylish canal-side civic plaza where the public can enjoy spending their time and using the nearby retail facilities.

Sale Town Hall, Trafford
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