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It was recognised that if Stretford is to achieve its full potential and provide a unique and attractive destination that meets the aspirations of the community, then regeneration work was needed to take place. Stretford is one of Trafford’s town centres and an important driver in the economic growth of the Borough. Stretford is a densely populated area with a diverse social mix and the Town Centre is located in a prominent position along the A56 corridor at the northern end of Trafford, benefiting from good links to the M60, excellent public transport connections and access to the Bridgewater Canal.

As part of a major project to regenerate the Stretford area of Manchester, Gillespies (Altrincham) were commissioned by Trafford Council to create a more open, attractive and useable space. Marshalls were able to achieve the vision of the project designer, providing a combination of concrete paving blends and a range of street furniture, which met the client’s criteria, and delivered by Marshalls’ managed supply chain.


The approach taken was to ensure that Stretford Town Centre and the surrounding areas were developed into a prosperous, vibrant, attractive and safe destination with a strong identity that provides a wide range of facilities. The attraction of significant investment to Stretford was supported through the full delivery of future public realm improvements in the Town Centre that would be needed over the multiple phases within this project.

The first stage of the project was to re-imagine the area outside the “Stretford Mall” shopping centre on Chester Road. This involved a major reworking of traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) across the area. The dark and unpleasant underpasses were filled in, bringing pedestrian traffic to the surface. This means that large volumes of foot traffic now pass over the road using the brand new pedestrian crossings across the junction.


The work delivered to date has helped to reposition Stretford as a more attractive destination for further investment and development. The landscaped area has helped create a more desired public realm area where people can enjoy spending time in the space.

The combination of Modal paving and Mistral textured paving immediately gives the area a contemporary, urban feel through the use of a subtle, modern blend. The use of slick greys are given a warm edge via the subtle pink tones of Modal Indian Granite, all of which is illuminated with Geo Lightstacks to create a striking, welcoming and modern space.

modal and mistral
modal and mistral
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