Inspire me with Pattern

The use of a pattern whether it be simplistic or complex can be used to adjust the appearance of any space. Pattern can add depth and character to any design and product the effect that the space is larger than what it is. Designers are increasingly contrasting coloured banding and different colours to produce a stunning setting.

Browse through our imagery to find inspiration for your next scheme. If you need laying patterns, visit the page of the product you interested in and download in .dwg format direct to your machine. Alternatively contact us to request assistance, our Design Team can help you with your design. 

southbank london callisto and larissa granite
international quarter london sandstone
north depot sandy
scoutmoor paving and granite mix - st james market london
ilford town centre - granite mix
modal paving - mid grey
3 wellington place - granite mix paving
3 wellington place - granite mix paving
3 wellington place
3 wellington place - granite mix paving
media centre - barnsley
media centre - barnsley
grey conservation kerb - ocean estate
olde priora - sherbourne kerb
green fields - tegula priora - pennant grey
keyblok vintage - burnt ochre
keyblok paving - brindle
igneo etched silver grey
thornlake - honed
callisto granite scoutmoor and modal paving - manchester