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Brindle block paving inside car park.

Marshalls brindle block paving

Giving public walkways and domestic driveways a rich, earthy and natural feel, brindle paving blocks area tried-and-tested way to lift aesthetic appeal, offering a classically British architectural look that’s suitable for schemes large and small.

Marshalls’ brindle block paving is available in a range of shapes, sizes and specifications. Our Driveline Elise blocks are twice the size of standard blocks and have a hammered surface texture.

If you’re looking for a permeable paving solution that comes in different shapes, Drivesett Tegula fits the bill. As well as boasting efficient drainage capabilities, it comes with matching circle features. Driveline 50 is also a high-quality permeable option that’ll help prevent surface water pooling – and support surrounding drainage systems.

We can supply many types of brindle paving blocks – browse the full range today.