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steel M3 bench with children sat reading a book

Stainless steel street benches

To ensure uniformity from a design perspective and for hard-wearing, high specification materials with longevity and durability, the range of stainless steel street benches available from Marshalls offers considerable choice.

With different attributes and specifications, Marshalls has an ideal stainless steel bench for every landscape scheme. The Urban City Seat, for example, has multiple seat options and requires only minimal maintenance.

The benches available in the Geo range are designed with form as well as function in mind. The standard Geo Bench features high, 316 grade stainless steel and Iroko hardwood for heavy duty weather resistance.

The Ollerton range incorporates a simple yet striking design, with single column supports and narrow slat seating sections.

Our stainless steel benches add comfort and a pleasing aesthetic to any street scheme. Browse the range now.