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festival litter bin next to a bench

Steel street litter bins

Marshalls’ steel litter bins are available in both traditional and contemporary designs to fit any space. With a range of styles and capacities, our range of stainless steel litter bins are both functional and highly durable.

The Albion range features angled apertures that ensure that all litter drops into the liner, while the ashtray can be emptied into the liner to increase ease of maintenance. The Albion range incorporates Zintec steel to protect against rust and aid longevity.

The Geo steel litter bin combines unmatched style with unrivalled longevity. Constructed from resilient, immaculately finished brushed 316 stainless steel, the bin retains its original aesthetic even in the most challenging urban environments.

Other Marshalls ranges electronically monitor the fill level of the bin, so operatives can be alerted when it needs to be emptied.

To find the perfect complementary steel litter bins for any project, browse the full range.