Retanol Screed

Retanol is quickly being recognised as a valued engineered option when it comes to choosing a screed additive, due to its vastly reduced drying times and strength.

Suitable to foot traffic after 24 hours and site traffic after 48 hours, with 80-90% of final screed strength achieved within the first 4 to 5 days.

Retanol is also the only TUV certified screed additive recognised under EU standards as having no negative impact on human health when handled or added into a floor screed installation.

Other key benefits include:

  • Obtainable minimum compressive strength of 40 N/mm².
  • Obtainable minimum flexural strength of 6 N/mm².
  • Bonded screeds from 15mm, and un-bonded/floating screeds from 35mm.
  • Very low tension so shrinkage cracks are minimal or even avoided completely.
  • No curing required.
  • No fibres required.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity (λ= 2.35 [W/m²K) with underfloor heating (heating can be run after 48 hours). Note that underfloor heating pipes require a minimum of 30 mm coverage over the pipe (as per BS 8204).
  • Insensitive to moisture so suitable for permanently wet areas.
  • Marshalls Retanol screed is manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 13813 under a quality scheme certified to ISO 9001 and regularly tested to the requirements of British standards.



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