Keyblok Linear

Keyblok Linear

Keyblok Linear

They Key to Better paving

Discover the sustainable concrete alternative to clay pavers. Our slimline blocks offer the stunning aesthetics of clay, with half the carbon.

Because concrete isn’t fired like clay, Keyblok Linear produces 54% less carbon. It’s also made locally in Britain, meaning lower mileage and emissions.

Available in four stunning colours and perfect for a range of laying patterns, this high-impact paver is ideal for heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


Introducing Keyblok Linear:

Keyblok Linear

Why Keyblok Linear?

✔ Made in Britain, produces 54% less carbon than clay pavers

✔ More economical than clay, helping you maximise budgets

✔ Quick to install due to interlocking grooves and nib detailing

✔ Far better tolerances than clay mean less chipping

✔ A long-lasting paver perfect for heavy pedestrian or vehicle traffic

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