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RhinoGuard 75/50 Protective Bollard

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The 75/50 bollard has been successfully crash tested in accordance with the BSI PAS 68 standard.

The bollard allows designers to create effective hostile vehicle mitigation measures within their schemes. The 75/50 bollard is designed for high risk applications requiring the ultimate in protection.The bollard offers an ideal solution for locations where large vehicles capable of carrying out high energy attacks are able to reach high speeds.

-Rail Stations
-Sports Stadia
-Leisure Venues and Arenas
-Large Shopping Centres
-Critical Infrastructure
-Public Realm

The central core can be dressed with a number different sleeve options including stainless steel, steel and Ferrocast.

Vehicle: Un-laden 18 tonne two axle rigid N3 lorry (wighting 7.5 tonnes)
Vehicle Speed: 50mph (80km/h)
PAS68 Classification Code: Standard Bollard PAS68:2013:V/7500(N3)/80/90:5.4/0.0

Download a 3D Sketch Up model here

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