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S Ramp Reinforced Concrete Ramp System

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S-Ramp is a pre-formed segmental sinusoidal profiled concrete ramp system that gives excellent ride-over quality for all vehicles, including buses and emergency vehicles. This effect cannot be achieved as effectively using in-situ methods of installation.

Marshalls S-Ramp lets you construct road humps or table tops of 75mm in height. It provides a highly effective, speed-reducing transition from the carriageway to the surface of the road hump table top. S-Ramp is compatible with both concrete block paving and black top for more design choices.

Laid back to back, S-Ramp can also be used to form a road hump. Furthermore, concrete ramp units can be laid kerb-to-kerb using standard pieces, while a free-standing table can be achieved with the inclusion of corner and side units.

S-Ramp is durable, and requires very little maintenance, reducing whole life costs. It is also suitable for use in all forms of carriageway construction. For more information on this and other concrete ramps from Marshalls, check out the brochure.

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