Escofet Harmoniously Blend Interior & Exterior Public Space

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Wednesday 28th February, 2018

Twig Plastic at House of Culture, Lloret (Copyright Anna Pericas)

The Cultural Centre in Lloret de Mar (Girona, Spain) has created a multifaceted development offering a range of public services such as a library, children’s play space, art gallery, senior citizen’s club and an occupational centre.  This impressive and inspirational hub for the local community occupies 8,000m2.

The architect Daniel Mòdol approached the interior of the library with a graphic concept inspired by Twig, the modular bench series by our spanish partner Escofet.

This can be seen in the masterplan below:

House of Culture Masterplan

The formal leitmotiv taken from this piece has inspired a pattern of footprint-like paintings expressed in the concrete flooring.

Twig Plastic at House of Culture, Lloret (Copyright Anna Pericas)

Throughout the interior, the retro-lit plastic Twig benches have been chosen to convey and continue the poetic narrative into the reading room’s flooring.

Link at House of Culture, Lloret (Copyright Anna Pericas)

Furthermore, the Link, a reinforced cast stone and steel series of benches, and Tramet with its notable thick pinewood feature section, have been installed in other communal areas of the Lloret de Mar Cultural Centre.

Tramet at House of Culture, Lloret (Copyright Anna Pericas)

The inspirational use of these elements captures the flow and emphasizes the continuity from the exterior realm into the interior public space.

Click here to download the full hi-res image pack (copyright Anna Pericas) 

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