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British standard kerb in a car park

Road Kerbs Stones

Marshalls road kerb stones are designed to provide a functional, durable and stylish finish to any road planning scheme.

The precision-manufactured British Standard kerbs comply with BS EN 1340-2003. The manufacturing process uses hydraulic pressing to deliver a consistent long-term performance.

There are also smaller roadside kerbs in the range, offering extra versatility with their range of sizes and angles, providing sharper, more defined detailing for landscaping projects. Tegula kerb stones offer both function and form with 6 variable laying configurations, while KeyKerb delivers a comprehensive set of radii, droppers and angle stones.

While road corner kerbs are inherently functional, they can still deliver striking visual impact. Whether it’s Charnwood's defined textured finish, the natural look of Saxon with its wider squarer profile, or the traditional dimensions of Conservation with its granite appearance, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to finishing any project.

Marshalls also offers containment kerb and pavement systems, such as Titan high containment kerb, designed to prevent vehicular overrun by keeping vehicles on their intended path.

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