Escofet street benches for contemporary, conversation-starting design

The Escofet street furniture range supplied by Marshalls makes use of a number of materials to inform the modern streetscape. With a range of products to boost aesthetic and accessibility, Escofet remains a firm favourite when it comes to designing the ideal urban space.

Escofet street benches can be supplied in a number of materials and design types – the Tramet bench is an especially popular selection, offering a neutral yet stylish and comfortable seating option. Built using pinewood planks, the surfaces are specially treated to protect them from the elements.

The UK-manufactured Barana is a bench, barrier and railing all in the same product.  The reinforced cast stone includes waterproof and anti-graffiti components to increase its resistance to erosion and vandalism.

Sculptural pieces from the Escofet collection include the Extasi and the Flor, an angular multi-seat bench first installed in the courtyard of the Madrid Regional Library building.

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