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Escofet Barana

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BARANA is a reinforced cast stone element with a flat texture and a simple geometry. The most striking feature of this product is its versatility of uses and possibilities, facilitating its integration into the landscape, and its ability to define frontiers inside a public space. BARANA is now manufactured in Great Britain by Woodhouse under license from Escofet.

This is a bench, a barrier and a railing all at the same time, all merged in the same object. The cast stone includes waterproof and anti-graffiti components which prolong its resistance to erosion and vandalism. The UK manufactured BARANAs are available in Grey and offer great value for money without the associated European transport costs.

This means that BARANA is a highly competitive piece of street furniture in comparison with others that have similar features.

Architects Martorell, Bohigas, Mackay and Puigdomenech produced the initial prototype for this bench during the Barcelona Olympic Harbour design process. Their aim was to create an object that would cover several functions with a single form.

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